Continuation of the story of the Starlight...

In January 1972, Flight 748 to Sydney crashed

in the Pacific Ocean. After month of research,

the Australian and American governments stopped looking for the remains of the airplane. Six months later, a rescue ship named "Starlight" left Cherbourg, France to look for the missing plane. Since then, no one heard about the Starlight again.


30 years later, two kids found a message in a bottle on a beach in Australia. The author of the message pretended to be one of Starlight's Captains. In the message he wrote that their ship got attacked by enormous animal and then an indigenous tribe. Only a crew member named "Frank" and himself managed to escape. They reached the island where Flight 748 crashed but found no one. Then he added:


"After few weeks, Frank started to lose his mind. He refused to leave the cavern where we settled and saw natives everywhere. There is a village on the island but no one seems to leave here anymore. I still see small kayaks traveling between the Starlight and another island. I don't know how long it will be before they notice our presence on this island...


Frank finally lost it! He blew the entrance of the cavern. Now he's stuck inside with all our resources. Sick bastard!"


Details: (Scale of 1-5)

Difficulty: 💀💀
Resources: 🥥🥥
Loot: 🗝️🗝️

Size: Medium
Type: Jungle
Other: Cavern - Hidden Loot - Puzzle