I started out as a typical gamer and have since turned into an enthusiast level designer and mod creator. I learned so much from

the Grand Theft Auto series and acquired basic skills in video game programming, 3D modeling, level design and video editing.

One day I was playing Gran Turismo on PlayStation with one of my brothers and we started on a circuit called "Laguana Seca". Right when we started the race, he knocked me off the track, my car went through the tires covering the first turn and I ended up outside of the map. It was really strange. It was completely empty. I was wondering how the developers made us lose track of reality. It was like seeing a movie and then getting behind the scenes. 

Before I fell into the gaming world I was an amateur photography enthusiast. This experience helps me create my maps and videos offering a unique visual experience.

My goal with all my works is to offer fellow gamers a chance to enjoy their favorite games even more with awesome maps, mods

and more... Let me know how I can help you! When it comes to the gaming world, the sky's the limit.