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• 6k Map.

• Hand Traced Roads.

• More than 20 Custom Monuments and Prefabs.

• Dense Forest, Puzzles, Hidden Mine.

• Player Vs. NPCs areas.

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Discover Keanland, an unique custom map! Tones of details, beautiful scenery, miles of endless roads and deep forests. Keanland has exclusive monuments with puzzles. Kits are also available HERE.


Keanland has anything that Rust offers and more in terms of transportation.

Modular Vehicles
All modular vehicles in Keanland spawns with engine parts. You just need to add low grad fuel in the tank and you're good to go!
_ Pristine engine parts can be bought from the vending machine at any gas stations.
_ Low grade fuel can also be bought at any gas stations. Just go to the pump and press "E" to buy fuel.

Underground Trains
An underground train system connects all important areas of the map. Expect hostility...

Above Ground Trains
The train system above ground offers a relaxing and beautiful ride from Jefferson to the Northern coast of Keanland. Keanland's Governor wants to extend the tracks all around Keanland. The project is on its way.


[Areas of Interest]

Keanland is everything but an empty map. From tiny details like custom bridges and unique towns, this map has many places to visit, loot to collect and beautiful places to chill.

Small beach town where players spawn. This town is served by above and underground trains. Players can buy clothing, collect food at the supermarket and loot all around the town. At gas station, players can buy what fuel and engine parts for their vehicles.

North Harbor
On the westside of the harbor, there is an office. All doors are locked by card readers. One room has plenty of loot. You just need to have the right key cards.

Myrtle Island
This beautiful island only has an underground train station to offer. Some players might like the scenery and the isolation of this island.

Greene Farm
Another area for players to spawn. The barn and the house has some loot. You just have to find the hidden crates.

Van Horn
_ Puzzle Requires: Fuse and Green Key Card.
If you go to Devil's Island you can't miss this charming small fishing town. There is a hangar in the north. If you solve the puzzle you will see what's hidden inside.


[Aggro Zones]

PVE is cool, with action it's cooler! Keanland has few areas with loot and hostile NPCs.

This huge playground has electric plan, train yard and a military tunnel connected with train tracks and roads. Loot is everywhere and so the scientists...

Military Harbor
You will have to take a long and dark tunnel to reach this harbor. Then swipe the scientist resistance and find their loot, hidden in one container...

The Secret Laboratory
_ Access Requires: Green Key Card.
There is a secret underground Lab with only one entrance and exit. You will only need a green key card to get inside but you will have to find the other cards and fight to survive. Plenty of loot is waiting for you...

Devil Island
When Cobalt Corp. came to the island, miners working on this island believed that their work conditions would improve. Cobalt promised them that these miracle injections will help their respiratory problems. They got played for fools. Most of them died, others lost their minds and became thirsty for violence. Cobalt left the island but the miners who turned into monsters remained. If you decide to visit the island, be ready to fight.

Cobalt Train
_ Puzzle Requires: Fuse and Blue Key Card.
An armored train owned by Cobalt Corp. got caught in a blizzard for days. Stuck in the snow, only the engine got freed and went to Central to look for help leaving behind a small team of armed scientists and their precious loot secured inside the jumbo lab car.