This tiny island was made for a demo on YouTube to show how build a custom map on Stranded Deep.

Details: (Scale of 1-5)
Difficulty: 💀
Resources: 🥥
Loot: 🗝️🗝️
Size: Small
Type: Beach
Other: _

SKIROW on Steam

• Automatic installation via Workshop.

• Require to be logged on (Steam Website).

SKIROW on Nexus Mods

• Manual installation.

• Registration on the website required.

Available on Steam and Nexus ONLY!* Click on Steam or Nexus logo to access their download page.

*If you download this map somewhere else than these 2 websites, you might download a fake map, virus or out dated files. I won't take any responsibility for files for any files downloaded from anywhere but my Steam workshop or Nexus.